Each year, I have the enormous privilege of spending a few months in Uganda working with Ember Arts as a product designer. Most days are spent sitting in a plastic chair in the office of NUPECA, our partner co-op, teaching designs to the 27 (now 28!) women there. And, really, I love them. They are delightful people, and I think of them almost every day when I’m away. 

Ember just launched the 2012 Spring collection, and I really hope you’ll take a minute to look at it. They’ve done a phenomenal job. The work these women do helps them support their families and pursue dreams like starting businesses, rebuilding their homes in the north (which were destroyed during a war), and sending their kids to university. 

And this month, Ember is also donating 50% of their online sales to Two Wings, a new organization that helps women who’ve survived the trafficking industry. Two Wings aims to help them define and pursue their dreams. I can hardly think of a greater venture, people who’ve been broken start to come alive again when they’ve got dreams to pursue. 

So while you’re busy wasting time on the internet, click on those and check them out.


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