I woke up at 3:30 this morning because I’m pretty excited. Here’s the rough itinerary for the next six months of my life:

San Diego (train)—-> Los Angeles (train)—-> Arizona (train)—-> Michigan (automobile)—-> Indiana (automobile)—-> Chicago (automobile)—-> Colorado (train)—-> Sacramento (train)—-> San Francisco (train)—-> San Diego (train)—-> LAX (plane)—-> Germany (plane)—-> Ethiopia (plane)—-> Uganda (plane)—-> Los Angeles (plane)—-> San Diego (train)—-> Arizona (plane)—-> San Diego?

Here is a visual reference:

I’m still not the streamlined minimalist I hope to be, especially heading into this season of life, but in the last week I’ve given away about 75% of my “stuff” and 50% of my furniture.

What I’m hoping to get back is a little bit of brain space: some time to think and relax and really sort out what I want to be doing with myself. 

So here we go…


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