Saturday was absolutely NOT a busy day. 

First I waited around here:

I spent most of the journey to LA staring out the window at the ocean and the passing hillsides. Then I got a brief tour of downtown LA via my friend Ad’s motorcycle, and a handful of lazy Saturday conversations with an assortment of interesting people. Next some reading at Olvera St., and a little more waiting here:

 Next, ten hours of waiting on board the train from LA to Williams, Arizona. I’ll skip the details there.

Don’t worry… there are more thrilling things to come.

But there’s something magnificent about that moment when you sit down on a train (or plane, or bus, etc.), with a hundred things left to do, and realize that you can’t possibly finish anything. And something lets go. 

A friend of mine just posted this article about being busy, which is quite an appropriate read to kick off the first few days of my trip. The last few months of my life have been so busy that I’ve barely had time to think. Yes, think. Part of this trip, other than the parts about adventure and visiting family and friends, is about escaping from the things that have kept me so busy these last few months. I’m hoping I can make some well thought out decisions about which are the things that I can truly contribute to and benefit from, and which might be better served by somebody else. There are also several things that have flown across my path in the last few months, and I’ve bookmarked them to ponder “later.” Later has arrived.

Here is my list of things to think about so far:

-This Commencement Speech, by my friend James who is a spectacular and insightful writer.

-This brilliant book, Soul and Soul, by Alistair McIntosh.

-This upcoming exhibit (you can participate too!) by my friend Wes.

-Another extraordinary book, Ishmael (and it’s sequels/prequels) by Daniel Quinn

-This sentence that Max wrote.

-A secret creative project from my roommate Gaby. 

-A transition for my jewelry line that is much more in line with what actually interests me.

-Illustrations for the Manor House Quarterly.

With days and days of rest and forests and train travel ahead, I’m excited to dig through this list. 

What do you need to make time to think about? 


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