Around Town.

I had the privilege of crashing the Drummond Island Senior Lunch three times in the week I was there. My grandpa goes in 2.5 hours early each week to help set up. They make him lift the heavy stuff…

I just loved the folks that work in the kitchen. They put in a lot of work and hours for little reward, and they also sneak my Grandpa some of the leftovers.

When my Grandma was alive, she was part of the Drummond Island Digger’s Club, a gardening club. They recently placed, in memory of her, an angel statue in one of the gardens they maintain.

My uncle works at a sawmill, transforming giant logs into usable lumber. 

And creating quite a bit of sawdust in the process:

Grandpa is also in the Detour Area Community Choir. I went a practice and two performances. There’s a handful of seniors that carpool from Drummond Island across the ferry to practice, and really enjoyed the commentary in the car. 

Of an obnoxious driver: 

“What an idiot!” *pause* “I’m sorry, that wasn’t very kind… But I guess you better say what you’re thinking, the good Lord knows it anyway!”

One of the women and her husband help run the Detour Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society, and live on an island off the coast of Drummond. In warm weather they take a boat across to the larger island. In the winter they ski across the ice. And in the in between, they sit in a canoe and drag it across the frozen ice with ski poles, switching to oars when they break through thin ice to water. 

Practice in Detour Village. 

First performance at the Lutheran Church on Drummond Island.


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