Mabira Forest


Jared, Nicole and I went to explore Mabira forest one Sunday morning. The bus dropped us off on the side of the road and we hiked into the UFA (Uganda Forest Authority) site to start our trip. It ended up being several hours of hiking through sometimes hilly, sometimes swampy, but always breathtaking greenery. Some of the trees are so tall you can barely see the tops, and if you stand quietly for long enough, there are monkeys swinging through them. After lunch we tried to head back to Kampala, but found it almost impossible to find space in a taxi. Eventually, one of the soda vendors on the side of the road found us a spot in the back of a semi truck headed from Nairobi, where two Uganda woman had already hitched a ride. The seven of us had lots of interesting conversations, and that’s certainly something I’ll never forget!


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