Mother’s Day

It’s a funny thing to watch my friends become parents, especially via the filter of social media. Most are quite reasonable about the whole process, and continue to be interesting folks who occasionally mention the frustrating and funny things that their children do. There is another trend in internet-recorded parenting, however, one that paints mothers as the most hallowed beings on the planet, and asks for our applause every time they manage to take a small child to the supermarket. I’m sure it’s tougher than it sounds, but I still roll my eyes because I can’t help but think of the very different example set by my own mother.

Justin & Heather's Wedding, Old Poway Park, Poway, CA

She brought four children under the age of 7 to the supermarket at the same time. Multiple times. She also packed them up and moved them across the country while my Dad was away with the Navy, and never demanded any particular accolades for it (though she certainly deserved them). She just did what needed to be done, and then went on with life.

I appreciate her immensely.

I say all of this not to deride those who expect great admiration, but to draw a contrast in appreciation of women who manage motherhood without all the limelight. And to take a moment to say: thank you.

Here in Uganda, I’m fortunate to know some wonderful hard-working mothers who don’t put themselves on any sort of pedestal. They just push forward every day, doing what they can to support and improve the lives of their children. I’ve also had the privilege to write about three of them for Mother’s Day, and I hope you’ll take a moment to get to know them, too.