There are small moments in between the hectic scramblings of everyday life when I sneak into the back yard to our burgeoning garden- in the mornings to feed the chickens, after work to pull a few weeds, Saturday mornings to check for reddening tomatoes. These are centering moments, reminding me of how we are connected to something bigger than ourselves.

Our garden seems a particularly wonderful portrait of this connection. We feed our compost to the chickens, and in turn they give us eggs. For their part, the chickens digest and scratch up the scraps of our compost, and from their leavings we get a rich fertilizer that may be at least partially responsible for the six-foot tomato plants. The plants themselves are on the verge of producing more food than we’ll know what to do with, whose scraps and trimmings we will collect and bring back out to the chickens.

If only these connections and cycles were so easy to see in the rest of our lives, the world would be a very different place, I’m inclined to think.

P.S., If you ever wanted to grow a big garden, but question your ability to keep plants alive- Uganda is the place for you. Those tomatoes, dill, and pumpkin plants are all volunteers that grew up out of the compost pile. We didn’t even have to work for it.


IMG_5841pumpkin vine




IMG_5847tomato jungle


IMG_5850unripe tomatoes




IMG_5866Basil, grown from seed.


IMG_5869Fresh egg.


IMG_5870 Rainbow swiss chard.




IMG_5876Matooke (plantains)