I am Emily Grace Goodrich, an artist and designer mostly from San Diego, California. For the last while, I’ve been in Kampala, Uganda. I work for two companies that each have a mission to provide steady employment to Ugandan women, and have nearly nine years of experience navigating the markets of Kampala and Nairobi in search of materials and makers. In previous versions of life, I have been a barista, preschool teacher, data entry analyst, shopgirl, and even once had a temporary gig putting sticker labels on VHS tapes.

When I’m home in the U.S., I love road trips through the desert and along the Oregon Coast, train rides, finding cool stuff in the alley, perusing amazing farmers markets and independent restaurants, and the small group of talented crafty ladies who hang around the Make Good; extraordinary women who helped me take myself a lot more seriously as a designer. When I’m in Kampala, I love exploring new places, hosting dinner parties, and lazy hammock days spent in the garden. My favorite things are traveling, moss, thunderstorms, documentaries, cooking, books, writing, and anything to do with art.

photo by Dani Walker Kreutter